the damp, disgusting wetness one feels upon waking up in a bed that they have just moistened with their own sweat, not urine. nightmares and fevers are frequent causes.
"man, i totally sweat the bed last night"
"that's gross. your always sweating the bed"
"what? i changed the sheets"
by Jessica O'Neil January 27, 2008
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when, upon waking, one finds one's self laying in wet sheets, either due to fever, drunkenness, or overly high bedroom temperature while sleeping.
I swear it was 100 degrees in my room last night; when I woke up I had sweat the bed.

Mike got so drunk last night that he thought he pissed himself, but he had just sweat the bed.
by waterbrother July 30, 2009
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When one has spent the night before on Drugs / Drink , (or simply turned the room temperature to tropical) so upon waking feels a certain moistness in the sheets - Have you urinated , no , you've sweat the bed.
After a night out on the town with the boys, Gary woke up in damn sheets, hoping he had sweat the bed , not pissed himself
by Wavy tree February 10, 2016
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When you are asleep and you sweat so much your bed gets wet from it.
I awoke in the middle of the hot summer night to a wet feeling on my bed and was covered in sweat. I sweat the bed.
by Loner stoner August 02, 2014
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When you wake up from sleeping to find your sheets soaked in sweat, rendering them unusable.
-"I had an awful nightmare last night, but the worst part is when I woke up, I found I sweat the bed!"
-"Dude, sweating the bed is THE WORST!"
by Rotor-Power March 12, 2016
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