A combination of swank and sassy. Used to describe something cool, hip, trendy.
Your shirt is very swassy.
by Linzzy May 25, 2007
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A mixture of both Classy style and Swag style. Used for people that like to dress in a Classy and Swaggy way. Not to formal and dressed up but also not dressed in a fashion of having swag "swagger."
Hey look at what Tim is wearing, he has swassy style.

Dang, you're looking swassy today.

Your swass is on point today.
by yezzus February 18, 2015
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you use this when something is cooler then cool; fresher then fresh; doper then dope
look at all these swassy clothes!!!!!
by goallll.#9 February 05, 2009
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a word describeing something greasy or waxy such as the substance omitted from warm cheese
eww swassy
by mstar June 26, 2003
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The power switch/outlet combination used in panels typically found in the electrical rooms of large commercial buildings.
There's no availabe external power source, so I think we'll need to throw a swassy in this panel.
by Chopcow October 09, 2006
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To have a sassy swag.
That girls attitide is so swassy, she has a sass about her swag .
by Meli_Love May 13, 2018
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