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Dat classy swag
Uz all dressed up in a suit n u put on sum fly shades homie be like #swassy
by LamChop March 09, 2014

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A freaky ass state in the USA consisiting of corrupt "sherriffs" (weird versions of cops), who go around beating people up and pulling out a gun whenever they feel like it. Make sure you don't jay walk in Texas or you may get the left side of your head blown off. Speaking of guns..everyone owns a gun in Texas.
SherriffTex1:"howdy!why i feel rather inclined to shoot that damn naggit trouble makers eyes out of his sockets!"
SherriffTex2:"well he's asking for it...who does he think he is to be walking across that road when the little man is flashing red? Why paint my tooth white and call it brushed!!! "
by lamchop September 11, 2004

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