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1. An extravagant swordsperson or adventurer of some sort.
2. A sword-weiling hero/villain/person
3. A play, movie, or book dealing with a swashbuckler, one who swashbuckles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SWASHBUCKLERS ARE NOT ALWAYS PIRATES! Yes, most pirates are swashbucklers, but not all swashbucklers are pirates! Also, not all pirates OR swashbucklers are MALE! Get it? Got it? Good.
1 & 2. In that movie, he plays a dashing swashbuckler.
3. 'What kind of books do you read?'
'Oh, mostly fantasy tales and swashbucklers.'
by Nightie March 29, 2005
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Man, that's one wicked cool pirate sword type guy

Yeah, he must be a swashbuckler
by Sinship June 01, 2005
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A degrading sexual act that offers variety to the lovers of the dirty sanchez. This act consists of the male sodomizing his partner, screaming "ARGGGGGGGG" like a pirate and proceeding to smear feces on their forehead in a saber like manner. Most attempt the "Z" Zorro design but there is no commonly accepted technique or design needed. Feces to forehead is enough for it to be accepted as a Swashbuckler.
Bill got so excited last night when sodomizing Tim's wife, that he pulled out and gave her the Swashbuckler.
by all-nite-freak July 02, 2007
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Swashbucklers are into 'sword crossing', in the man-love sense of the term. Used as a derogatory remark one might make to a buddy who just made an unfortunate comment about admiring another man for ostensibly 'normal' reasons. However, this is now easily (and most humorously) turned against him for the enjoyment of all gathered.
Hans: Does anyone else think that insert name of famous male actor here is the greatest ever?

Franz: What, you want to cross swords with him, eh 'swashbuckler'?
by jamesohoh7@txic August 27, 2009
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What you call a girl who takes a load in the mouth and swish swashes it around.
My girl was blowing me and before i know it, i let loose, i thought she'd be pissed, but boy was i surprised when i found out she was a swashbuckler!
by BlazaNumba1 January 23, 2007
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1. a word partaining to pirates...and how they act
2. what a pirate does when hes not making people walk the plank and hes not sailing the seven seas...
3. kira is wrong. swashbuckler forever!
: arrr matey, tis going to be a swashbuckling good time
: take a good look at yee swashbuckler over yonder, me thinks he shall be forced to walk thee plank!
by vin May 27, 2003
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