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defined as stealing someone's style of dress and character.
You aint from New York, why are you swagga-jackin' my style?

Why are you dressing and acting like you are from New York, stop swagga-jackin'
by Andretti March 11, 2008
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The act of stealing someone's style. To copy, pose, or imitate someone else. Your too lame to have your own style.
"Maan all theez punk ass bitches be Swagga Jackin, get your own shit."
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imitating another persons original look and/or attitude by dressing or acting like them.
"I just bought these really obscure nikes and the next week I saw steve wearing the same pair. He's swagga jackin' me!"
by thecream March 06, 2009
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When some gay ass nigga take the shit you put down and try to make it his own.
You: Hey man, I just fucked this one hot girl!

Swaggajackin Fag: Nigga! I did that too!
by NiggaBeater666 April 09, 2009
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