When a Fake MC/Rapper gets booed off stage by a real Hip Hop Crowd.
Yo. Did you see that kid get Bob Swagged last night? He was horrible.
by WeareHipHop203 March 29, 2011
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a back pack with an aztec design in which a male of female will carry on their back. person should walk wth general swagger whilst carrying a super cool swag bag. they can be purchased from topman/topshop.
"hey dude,youve got a 'super cool swag bag"
"have you heard about dans super cool swag bag?"
"i would like a super cool swag bag"
by tizkellin May 29, 2012
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Joe: 'That guy looks fresh again'
Tom: 'he has standard swag'
by Soph.White December 17, 2011
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Swag that is outrageously awesome.

Swag that better than average swag.
Swag that's not only for guys, but can be used for women.
Denise: Damn he looks good. Especially his swag.
Jada: Yeah he's swag-rageous
by Yeong Taz September 21, 2011
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To have an abundant amount of unusual or unorthadox "Swag"
Dude Timmy is wearing DC's ewww... But hes got that confindence... Damn he's got a lot of Queer-Swag
by SomeAnonymousUrban July 4, 2015
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