1) hip, cool, awesome
Origin: deformation of suede, as in blue suede shoes. Also, shortened form of Swayze, as in Patrick Swayze.

2) sweet
Origin: Oklahoman colloquial pronunciation of "sweet"
"Man that was swae"

"He's one swae cat"

"This cupcake is swae"
by d370urn3ur September 15, 2011
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An acronym for Snow, Water, Air, Earth; Swae is normally used as a synonym for adventure sports. Also commonly used as a verb describing the feeling when experiening those sports.
"Hey man how was skydiving?"

"Oh it was so swae!"
by Alkiepdu March 17, 2006
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smoke good gas bitch im swae
by good gas October 21, 2019
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A universal word used to describe anything, often used as an adjective, it is defined by context clues and how it is used.
I don't like her because she's swae.
The party was swae(lit).
Ouu she swae.
That outfit is swae.
by CheekFinesser May 10, 2018
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swae is a person who loves weed. Each letter in his name has a specific meaning. Hes a pretty athletic guy. Swae is a nigga you don't wanna fuck with on the bullshit. He s a great percussionist. Swae doesn't smoke cigarettes like these other dirty Atlanta niggas. Swae is meant to be great. Hes a big ass goofball and will have a group of people laughing. He is a comedian. If there was one thing on this earth he loves more than anything its weed. One thing i would strongly recommend you don't do is try him because he doesn't discriminate and he will fuck you up. An he loves to say im swae. And remember the west side is the best side and never go right always go left.
im swae/im swae bitch
by good gas October 21, 2019
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swae lee a goofy looking lightskin rapper who make dope ass music. bitches will tell u he fine asf but he ugly to me lmao
guy1: did u hear swae lees new song
guy 2: oh u mean that goofy looking nigga?? yea his new song fire
by 4kt_tez May 29, 2020
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