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A place that is so hardcore that nobody visits. The locals tend to live there most of their lives and live buy by the rules of 'YOLO' and 'Fuck the Police!' People from the nearby towns of Burton-on-trent and Coalville are terrified of the Swad massive.
Are you visiting Swadlincote? You better take a stab proof vest.
by ma55ive April 09, 2014
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Small town in south Derbyshire where most of the local residents share the same genetic code ie they are inbred most are unable to read or write and have only just created fire. Should you drive though this enchanted little town you will notice large crowds on there knees. This because they think that you a witch with a magic horseless carraige and will probably try and eat you to absorb your magic powers
Swadlincote I hear banjos
by Biggeec January 17, 2017
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