When a guy's dick is wrapped in seaweed and rice like a sushi roll and is then "steamed" by having sex in a hot tub.
Tim: I'm really in the mood for a California Roll.
Joe: Yeah? Well I'm really in the mood to Sushi Roll your mom.
by SushiRollinForLife July 03, 2010
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The penis of an Asian male that’s uncut and dirty enough it is forming cheese.
His sushi roll made for a difficult blowjob.
by gdiz916 November 16, 2019
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1. Delectable food originating in Japan.

2. Sex act where the male fills the females vagina with cum (see creampie) and then proceeds to eat his own cum out of her vagina. After he has licked her clean he proceeds to finger her and give her the clit flick with his tongue until she has another orgasm.
Damn, that sushi roll I just ate was amazing.
by PineappleJuice March 12, 2015
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The act of having a three some with a japanese girl while one in the ass and one in the mouth, you pick her up and start to rotate her like a rotisery chicken, and 2 other men glaze her with their man juices.....aka the sushi roll
Yo i heard that bitch got sushi rolled by 5 gansta ass niggas.........

That slant is gunna get rolled like a peice of sushi bitch.
by J bear April 16, 2008
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when you and your man are in bed and when you wake up he is gone and you are covered in seaweedsheets and smell like dead fish from your discharge.
Girl i was in bed with my man and when i woke up i was a Sushi Roll
by mydickbroke!ouch December 31, 2008
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When a white person and an Asian person fuck in a sleeping bag with soy sauce lube and possibly on a rice paddy.
When I was in a Vietnam I sushi rolled that chick.
by Jerbearplumdrink September 05, 2013
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A sushiroll is an absolute unit of a gal, the wider her shoulders and the more she leaves the xbox party the more she is a sushiroll. If she plays GTA, a good way to spot if a girl is a sushiroll is when playing the gamemode deadline, will mute her mic out of anger and then is 50/50 chance of deleting you or sucking even harder.
God that girl is such a Sushiroll.
by The Lonely Child August 18, 2019
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