A cute, funny, nice boy who cares about you and literally the kindest person you'll ever meet in your life!!
Surya is the nicest boy I've ever met in my life!!
by whattttttttt November 29, 2020
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An intelligent, charismatic person who leads people and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Did that surya just solve that impossible problem?
That surya just convinced everyone to give him a million dollars.
by Mr. Cool_Definitions May 5, 2018
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a man living with half sad/ dead mind
dont be like surya bruh..cheer up
by randombitch<3 November 27, 2021
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so basically he is average in studies good in sports but keeps changing his sports he is short but looks good he is a very good friend and there for advice and emotional support he loves video games he is charming and good to be around when he grows up he will be a wonderful person he is a sagittarius and has immense humour snd wits he also has awesome hair silky and smooth .
oh wow he is acting like a surya
by The Best God November 24, 2021
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He was the most "Surya" person I've ever met.
by fta18 July 9, 2017
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Meaning sun god in sanskript
We went to the temple to worship Surya
by Bob March 13, 2005
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