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some one who is on a new level in comparison with everyone-else. A right hand man to the Gods.
by George Blake October 03, 2003
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A try-hard douchebag who wastes all their money on shoes, tie-up wear headbands, spam the fire at 100% emojis, and are typically a bunch of white suburban kids who think they're "lit" and, "fire".
Guy 1: "God, did you just hear the way Alen was talking the other day?"

Guy 2: "I know. What a Supremo."
by New-Cynic April 09, 2017
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adj.- the furthest extent of being emo, just past extremo.
if emo is murder, supremo is a massacre.
by jpharaoh December 13, 2005
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more than emo, more than extremo. like super emo! basically... Serena and Merideth... the two coolest supremo kids in Texas. and thats a proven fact...
emo boy 1: dang look at those girls
emo boy 2: are they emo?
emo boy 1: no the are cooler than that...
emo boy 2: extremo?
emo boy 1: no... cooler
Merideth: we are supremo!
Serena: yeah. supremo, bitches!
emo boys together: SUPREMO!
by Murduf06 October 24, 2006
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