The Supreme Alphabet is, in the Nation of Gods and Earths, a system of interpreting text and finding deeper meaning in the original 120 Questions written by Elijah Muhammad and Wallace Fard Muhammad by assigning actual meanings to the letters of the Roman alphabet. It was developed by Clarence 13X after splitting from the Nation of Islam, after which he developed his Supreme Understanding.
Disclaimer: It is incumbent upon each individual to develop his/her own understanding of what supreme alphabet is to them. Although the definition of the terms are accepted throughout, the words below are another person’s understanding.
• (A)- Allah: The Asiatic Blackman sic. “Asia” is the body; “attic” is the mind; “black” is the dominant force, “man” is the higher intelligence; a backronym for arm, leg, leg, arm, head; the Father of the Universe; all in all.
• (B)- Be or Born: to exist. To be born is to bring into existence mentally through the Nation of Islam by way of the old Earth’s womb, Life.
• (C)- Cee or See: to see is to have insight, to comprehend through the mind’s eye; to see is to have insight to see through the physical, to understand.
• (D)- Divine: the essence of self, Godly by nature, which can neither be added to nor taken away from; can't say “Allah” without saying “all.” One’s nature is pure and untampered-with.
• (E)- Equality: to knowledge your knowledge, you will deal with everything within your cipher equally, which gives birth to Wisdom that is showing and proving. Everything is everything, which equals one. Equality gives birth to Wisdom, and Mathematics do not lie.
• (F)- Father: To fat-her mentally as well as physically. Father= further, to further ones phsical and mental development by way of proper education- history and proper nutrition- diet/ the proper foods.
• (G)- God: The Original Man, the Blackman of Asia sic, the supreme form of life manifested, the mind of human beings; and humans are here to attain perfection by building and destroying, which shows and proves that Mathematics do not lie.
• (H)- He or Her ( have the power to build or destroy based on their level of intelligence.
• (I)- I or Islam Islam is our Culture not a religion like Ortodox Islam. We are a culture that lives in-tune with our divine nature. This means to live in-tune with the Universe and the mathematical principles that govern it. We are the essence of very universe that surrounds us.
• (J)- Justice This is the Divne balance of the universe. It is the reward or penalty for ones ways and actions. The reward for embaracing Islam is love peace and happiness. The penalty for living in disaccord is hell (suffering, stress, lack of understanding/confusion, mental and physical death due to a life of savagery.
• (K)- King or Kingdom
• (L)- Love, Hell or Right: You would go through hell to make what you love right. Daily we are given the opportunity to love Hell or Right. It is the crossroad one faces each and every day. When you chose to love hell you accept your hellish predicament in life. If you chose to love right then you are blessed with the good that is returned for your right actions. (Karma= what goes around comes back around/ you reap what you sow)
• (M)- Master
• (N)- Now-End Nation
• (O)- Cipher: completion; a circle consisting of 360 degrees; any person, place, or thing.
• (P)- Power
• (Q)- Queen
• (R)- Ruler or rule
• (S)- Self, Savior
• (T)- Truth or Square
• (U)- You or Universe and U-N-I-Verse
• (V)- Victory
• (W)- Wisdom
• (X)- The Unknown
• (Y)- Why
• (Z)- Zig-Zag-Zig (meaning from Knowledge to Wisdom to Understanding)
The supreme alphabet is a list of common terminology used by the 5 percenters and must be used with the supreme mathematics to be understood fully.
by eboyd32 June 11, 2007
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