dumbass, ultra-retard, on a scale that is unparelleled.
"Bernie thought he was large and in charge. That fucking supertard thought he knew everything! Probably why he got canned!"
by rhodeisland1 December 31, 2010
Combination of "super" and "retarded". Means something/someone is extremely stupid or irritating. See supertard.

Chris: "Hey, let's go put on funny hats and then run across the highway!"

Brian: "That sounds supertarded."
by SUPERTARD September 27, 2007
Supertard is just like a Slayercool.
got a tiny penis, and uses microscope and forceps to jerk.
eeeew its a supertard :s
by Gussage91 April 25, 2007
Jake is Supertarded, have you seen him?
by trashyes November 18, 2019