someone who will always be with and support their friends with an undying passion and doesnt care who knows about it
superfriend is used by soulja boy
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One who possesses such qualities as an undying love for Martha Stewart and Britney Spears, enjoys a good round of golf, or can cook up a mean stew.
So, I was sitting there watching Martha Stewart Living when my superfriend Mari calls to see if I want to hit up the driving range and indulge in some hot stew afterward. Man, what a superfriend.
by SuperfriendGARY March 8, 2004
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dumba** idiot ignoramus
a word used to describe someone who is for lack of a better phrase stupid.
besides being used as a noun it can also be and adjective.excellent for kids who aren't allowed to curse or call people stupid.
christina:did you hear that jasmine flunked out of algebra because she was a no-show at finals?
ebony: yeah she is a real superfriend.

chris: hey did you check out my moves on the dancefloor?
xotchil: yeah you looked extra superfriendly.
xotchil:you are such a superfriend.
by ebony chappel July 30, 2005
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Where a person narrates the action he or she is about to take or is taking. Typically seen in females and on stage.
Batman: I'm going to use this special sticky spray to stop Joker in his tracks.

Superfriends Syndrome:
Donna (to no one in particular): I'm going to put this in the refrigerator, then I should run to Nordstrom for those shoes.
by Jesuistom August 9, 2009
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When a person becomes extremely close friends with a new acquaintance at a scarily rapid pace, and is unable to speak or think (publicly or privately) of anything other than this new BFF, or spend time with anyone but this new person. This lasts for a period of up to 3 weeks, when the superfriendship dies, resulting in a 1 to 2 week period of drama, until the superfriender finds their next mark.
What's Cara doing doing tonight? Oh she just superfriended an indian chick at her new job... she will be unavailable for a few weeks.
by unhipster September 5, 2012
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