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A gathering of hippies to teach children the ways of the forest. A two week program in the Summer. Often results in character visits from Professer Knowitall and Brother Nature.
I learned about ECDCICA at Sunship Earth!

My favorite summer camp is Sunship!

Wow, Sunship is really a cult of hippies.
by Mangsy July 07, 2006
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Sunship was a band that performed from the early '70's until about 1980. While some of the personnel changed, five of the original eight members were in all editions of the band. In 1974 Into The Sun (LP, Album) was released on Capitol Records. The LP number is ST-11295. Tracks included: The Magician, A Man Could Get Killed, Travelers Through The Years, Ocean Song, I Feel Like I Love Her, Into The Sun, Just A Man, The Way It Was and Whip For A Blues LIck. Later editions of the band morphed from the original pop-rock genre into an urban, R&B, funk fusion sound. During seemingly endless negotiations for a new record deal with Arista Records the band members' patience bit the dust and they all decided to pursue other musical endeavors. Some still are.
I found out that you can still get the original Sunship album on Amazon and some of those discography websites.
by Erwin Schrödinger June 07, 2017
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