sul is the short way of saying see you later. Just like g2g or ttyl.
Jon: Yo, i got to go, see you there
Tom: sul
by Jewboy34 February 11, 2006
sul is a chunky bit underneath a little boy's neck. you can pull it, chew it
tarek lol: i neeeed sul gimme gimme gimme now
dapper: lol ok
by KRaYzz- -Ee JaSPAERE April 18, 2006
This is 'hello' in Simlish. Simlish is the language that Sims speak. Whilst playing The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, when Sims greet each other they say 'sul sul'.
Sim 1: Sul sul.
Sim 2: Oh sul sul!
by CahCah January 2, 2014
Sul is a Persian/Turkish nick name he's usually a tall, dark and handsome guy with literally no flaws. He's very intelligent and gets all the chicks because of his extreme wit, good looks and awesome personality. He's the type of guy with 18 inch biceps and an even bigger penis.
Girl: I think I just creamed myself who's that sexy motherfucker over there?
Girl 2: You're joking right? That's Sul you've got no chance with him
Girl: He stands out like a fucking angel
by Ashleyy99 October 22, 2013
Sweaty Upper Lip Syndrome-condition affecting primarily right wing conservative females, particularly those who smoke too much, in which the upper lipial area sweats profusely
Damn bro, did you see that girl with SULS hating on those pro-choicers?? I wanted to offer her a poncho for her bottom lip!
by Mago1990 September 17, 2017
(on a chat)-
guy1 (the one who is irritating): bubye man... catch you later...
guy2 (the one who is irritated): bubye... SUL!!! :D
by dunknwnguy June 24, 2011
an Arab guy thats very smart and good looking but often big headed
Girl: Who is that?
Girl 2: Thats Sul
Girl: id fuck him if he wasnt full of himself
by sulaiman00 October 21, 2013