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A variation on traditional tequila shots. You take salt and you make a nice line out of it, and ready a lime wedge. You procede to snort the line of salt...squeeze the lime in your eye.. and then take the shot. The minor pain completely distracts you from the alcohol..
That kid just took eight suicide shots and his eyes are all fucked up..
by Big Mac Dizzle January 09, 2006
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A Suicide is a mixed drink that consists of one part NyQuil, one part Red Bull, and one part vodka. Mix well.

Suicides are only to be consumed by hard core alcoholics, those with a a death wish, or University of Dayton Students.

Warning! Consuming Suicides can and will lead to being FUCKED UP
"Dude, he drank three Suicide Shots in a row and then woke up bare ass naked in Mexico, with a new tattoo, married to a coke whore named Joe"
by Alpha Nude Omega November 26, 2009
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