Someone who doesn't want to live anymore so they kill themselves.
I plan to suicide myself why do I want to live.
by Manuel Diaz 91 March 01, 2017
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Suicide is a word that sends chills down my spine. This is the act of ending your own life so that you can escape from reality. Most people do this act because they have a mental illness called, "deppression". Now, people like to call these people, "emos" because that's just the way emos are. Well, that is not true. Many emos are just funny people who listen to rock, etc. Suicide should never be the case. Always seek help.
HOW TO USE IT: " Wow! I can't believe that girl committed suicide! It's ridiculous!"

NOT HOW TO USE IT: "Haha! You don't have the git's to commit suicide, ya little prick!"
by -Smart Otaku- July 01, 2017
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1. To end one's life usu. after something very bad happens

2. A popular fad among today's teenagers (see goth, emo, mallcore)
1. I got fired from my job today, some guy mugged me and stole all my money on my way home, and I just found out my entire family was killed when a plane crashed into my house. I think I'm going to go commit suicide...

2. I had to do homework tonight. I think I'm going to go commit suicide...
by TheEye5000 January 09, 2005
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1)to commit death upon ones self to try and prove a point but not being able to see the outcome as he/she is dead
2)according to the movie "The Whole Nine Yards," suicide is committed mostly by dentists
the dentist hung himself in his office not knowing that he was going to miss hi next patient
by for you to decide June 22, 2003
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It's not something to joke about! It's not painless, it's not "release", it's not "deliverance", it shouldn't be considered brave, it's just killing yourself. People usually commit suicide over petty, temporary problems, accompanied by large amounts of self-pity. EVERY problem has a solution! Don't take the coward's way out! It's true, you will end your suffering once you're dead. But it's not like you're going to feel anything at all- YOU'RE DEAD. Unless you're terminally ill, beyond treatment and suffering every second, don't even consider an intentional death. You may be free of the pain but your friends, family and loved ones will suffer.
Hey kids! Shooting yourself in the head may LOOK fun but it actually hurts! Even if the pain won't last too long because you'll be DEAD in a few seconds.
by [anonymous] March 20, 2004
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