the suffragettes were only the best british women that ever lived!!
there was a suffragette in mary poppins!
by fairy nuff September 26, 2003
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for god's sake! they werent terrorists! women deserve the vote in this country, and others, and someone had to bother their arses to do something about it, and i see them as brave admirable women, who were committed to what they believed in. way to go!
ha. im right arent i?!?!
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
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British women who fought a suffered for the rights to vote. They endured harsh cruel treatments from government and were often shunned by many.
They suffragette women gave brave sacrifices.
by Miu tagakishi August 2, 2016
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The reason western civilisation is in decline. The reason biased news panders to feelings rather than logic. There were enough stupid men that believe in unicorns voting, now it's way out of whack.
Mohammad (who can't read and is eager for Jihad against the last foothold of Secularism) is listening to a Future history book in Eurostan "Suffragette, our greatest ally?"
by Hanna Mitchell July 17, 2017
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An area with a growing population in aspirational and ambitious women. Inspired by the suffragette movement, in which women fought for their right to vote. Also popularised by the David Bowie song of the same name.
‘There have been so many great lady rappers on the music scene lately!’

‘Yeah, it’s becoming a real suffragette city!’
by CreepyDelight February 18, 2018
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A fat, bespectacled, disgruntled, activist, lesbian usually seen dressed in drab unisex attire and bitching in some media forum. read: angry, dyke, treehugger
"Oh, that widebodied suffragette was in front of city council again last night, bitching about park usage."
by Uncle Krusty January 31, 2008
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