root: Sweet
Often used to express exclamation about something, or can be used as a greeting or in agreement. But mostly used to as a reason to say something when nothing else can be said; as an ending to the convo or useless part thereof.
As part of a greeting...
"Sudlup dog, sudlup"

As a goodbye on the phone...
"Sweet bro I'll be round later"
*conversation ends*

Boring convo? Just insert "Sud" and nod your head repeatedly

In a text message...
"Bro come round"

Or can also use "Hud" as word tone is more inflected, thus indicating a question:
"Hud up?" - "Whats up?"
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
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Acronym for a person with Substance Use Disorders
Both my daughter and her partner’s journey with SUDs can be viewed online by typing in CBC Jessica’s Secret - both are examples of the 1% extremes - Jess is dead and her partner is alive and in remission 2.5 years.
by KathyWoudz December 15, 2019
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When a person is feeling sus and sad at the same time.
Whats with him? Oh he just got dababied so he's feeling sud.
by moan420 April 01, 2021
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Thing that makes your car go all white in a car wash
In a car wash - Ooh look at all the suds on the windscreen. I like suds
by common knownledge eh June 02, 2018
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Cute ,thiccc,hot girl that shows off in front of everybody but know them haters be jealous!
Dang she a SUD
by _:_/-_- :0 June 05, 2020
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