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1) The female equivilant of a wasteman, meaning a loser i.e. waste of space.
2) A slut. A female that can be used (shagged) and then promptly discarded. A woman of easy virtue, though not necessarily a prositute.

This phrase comes from the combination of the words wasteman and gash, and is becoming ever more popular in the north london and the home counties of UK.
1)"Allow that wastegash"
2)"I linked with a standard wastegash last night. Bare casual ting. You know how we do. "
by MC Blitzkrieg January 30, 2006
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a girl-(gash) who is just a waste of time and space
i cant beleive she did dat, da girl's such a waste gash
by shye July 08, 2006
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okay... a waste gash is one of those girls who chats AIR! dey are usually pure haters or somebody dat isn't important.
she can't bring it to me...she's a waste gash.
by e12 gash July 13, 2006
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A girl who is 'wasted' so is therefore easy to pull.
person A: "I've gotta pull with this CK aftershave on"
person B:"mate, you'll only ever get waste gash"


late to a party
"lets go get ourselves some waste gash"
by totalwhiteboy May 23, 2009
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what you are called when you dont pull a girl your flirting with all night
marco: dan did you get with that girl?
dan: nahh mate

marco:mate your a waste gash
by urdan nerd February 08, 2011
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Literal definition is, intoxicated female sexual organ. When the term is used colloquially it refers to an intoxicated individual. The term can be abbreviated to, 'WG'.
He hit it well hard over the weekend, what an epic waste gash.
by yamcourtesyofelzzis January 18, 2011
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"Wastegash" or "Waste-gash" is an insult; Someone who does nothing with their life. (Or nothing much.)
"Katie girl dem, you're such a waste-gash bredrin famalam!"
by Grimmyyy October 18, 2011
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