Defined as:
1) The female equivilant of a wasteman, meaning a loser i.e. waste of space.
2) A slut. A female that can be used (shagged) and then promptly discarded. A woman of easy virtue, though not necessarily a prositute.

This phrase comes from the combination of the words wasteman and gash, and is becoming ever more popular in the north london and the home counties of UK.
1)"Allow that wastegash"
2)"I linked with a standard wastegash last night. Bare casual ting. You know how we do. "
by MC Blitzkrieg January 30, 2006
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Compound noun or adjective made from waste and gash, as referring to a female vagina. Originally referring to a woman that was frigid or sexually uncooperative, quite literally,a waste of her having a gash, as noone could fuck her. This then developed to become a word used to mean all things that were a waste of time or effort, or simply sub-standard in nature. Also a derogatory term of insult, often following an action of apalling quality.
That girl was wastegash, she wouldn't even grind with me!

Man you are wastegash, you couldn't have sex wit a horny dead body.

This place is such a wastegash.

That shot was wastegash, you completely missed the goal.

by Alex Hadwick February 22, 2007
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When a girl gets so wasted she tactical chunders 11 or more times during the period of drunkenness.
Dude, I tc'd 15 times today.
You're such a wastegash. If you weren't a girl, I'd call you a LAD.
by w45t3945h June 27, 2010
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