The new year once again displays forbidden & permitted. Journey through time & creation's with seatbelts fitted. In sleep old year's glory may've parted thoughtlessly, forgotten by savouring interest in newyear passionately, exhibiting an intuitive change of enjoyed perspective, experiencing the world after few moments as reflective so that now the material has the immaterial suspended & connection with befriended old year summarily ended.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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A band from surrey, Uk. made up of Dunk, Chris, Jack and mark.
who all attend rodborough school in godalming
person 1: what music do you like?
Person 2: Savour The Silence
person 1: who?
person 2: savour the silence
person 1: never heard of them
person 2: *stabs* check them out
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Forming a ring round the highest point of the scrotum with your index finger and thumb (so that the testicles are below your finger and thumb) and moving them up and down, in a similar motion to a handjob.

Derives from teabagging, and named as such after the practise of letting the teabag drip as long as possible to get the most amount of tea out of it.
I don't know why she wouldn't wank me off; she kept savouring the tea.
by Crack the Yak July 28, 2010
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savour is a word rottings made up he is such a gucci staff kek
i got killed by my savour - Rottings
by Rynsorex February 23, 2018
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