Subs not dubs means "subtitles, not dubs," a saying promoting subtitling videos in another language instead of dubbing the audio. The saying usually refers to anime and is popular in a typical YouTuber's vernacular.
"Man, did you see the new episode of My Hero Academia?"
"Yea, I'm so glad they did subs not dubs."
"What is the purpose of life?"
"Subs not dubs"
by alexunickel October 2, 2017
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A very stupid form of saying "subway"
"Hey, I'm hung--let's go to sub-dub fo lunch"
by T-Dawhg November 29, 2003
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18 inch rims. Twenty minus two equals 18. Hence the logic of dub sub dub.
Better not get the dub sub dubs for your escalade. Best to get the dubs or the dub dubs if you wanna get laid. The bigger the rim the better.
by MacMomma June 2, 2017
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Like self submission . Not saying what you mean on fleek dork! Holding back .not being YOURSELF!! ... usually brought on by worldly expectations or conformities

Ex: church , school, for some home
Or having to wear clothes that make you feel out of place .
If oh girl’s trying to say something to you and beating around the bush like uh yeah um just yell, “ stop sub dubbing ... words above the water !”
by September 15, 2020
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