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"Watching the submarine races" is a euphamism for making out (and more) in a car. It's the kind of thing a cop would say to be funny when he knocks on the fogged-up window of your chevy parked in back of the safeway to ask what you're doing there at 1am, as if he doesn't know damn well.
Cop: Hey, what're you kids doing in there? Watching the submarine races?
People in car: Gak! Where are my pants?
by creaternity April 13, 2006
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A phrase that describes a couple or couples making out in a car when one or both are out of site below the line of the car windows. The phrase relates to one or both participants 'diving' out of sight. It also relates to the phrase muff diving and going down when the man has his face buried in a woman's pussy in the same way a submarine captain pulls the periscope to him and wraps his arms around it.
"Are you taking Joan to the submarine races this weekend?"

"Hell Yeah. That girl loves to 69."
by arktravelr May 03, 2009
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Secret code for making out/having sex, because you can't watch a submarine race; it's underwater. "Submarine" can also be used to mean cock, dick or penis.

1. Can be used in casual conversation while talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend's extremely boring parents. 2. Can be used pretty much anywhere.
1. "Oh, I'm so glad to hear that your cat's surgery went well, Mrs. Smith. Johnny, babe, want to go watch the submarine races?"
2. "Hey girl. Want to come watch the submarine races with me?"
by popcornprincess December 24, 2010
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The easiest way to trick kids, just simply take them out to your local river and tell them that there's a submarine race.
You: Hey Sally want to go see the submarine races this year?
Sally: Sure.
You: Hey Sally go look at the submarine's they are going fast this year!
Sally: I don't see them.
You: Well they are underwater but they are fast!
by AnActualParakeet August 24, 2018
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Slang: During coitus, referring to the act of watching the penis enter or move in and out of the vagina.
They drove out to conception point to watch the submarine races.
by melikefun June 04, 2009
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When a group of guys gather in the same room and and have a race to see who can masturbate the fastest. The last one to finish loses.

Similar to a circle jerk, in that a bunch of guys are gathering in the same room jerking off, but its not gay or anything because your in a circle jerking *yourself* off.
We had a submarine race the other day and Johnny had to clean up afterwards.

A submarine race isn't gay or anything like a circle jerk, its just a competition...duh.

Keep your eyes closed until you're done, fag, this is a submarine race not a circle jerk.
by S...K... October 23, 2007
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