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An awesome guy who just won't stop being a sexy playa with dem homeboys going around being like HEEYYYYYYY LOOOK ITS THE BIG DAWG SUBHAM, define Subham in one word? PUREAWESOMENESS He is the definition of a sexy beast that all dem ladies fall for.

If you see a Subham in the streets you should pray since he is the most godlike being on earth.
Man that dawg Subham is awesome
Pray to Subham Man!
by DaWolf December 11, 2013
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In any group of friends, especially groups of 5, he is the guy people make fun of. However, he can do pretty amazing accent imitations and tastes good with pancakes
Yo bro look at subham
Ye I wanna eat dat guy
by _frontline_special_ March 28, 2015
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