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Stupidia; an S.T.D. caught by sleeping with someone with very low common sense.
"...I wouldn't sleep with her; I'd end up with a bad case of stupidia."
by badassbarr February 20, 2007
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An element that can not be metabolized and is stored in the human brain. It is nearly impossible to filter out of a person's system. Side effects include prescription to psuedoscienctific ideas, bad logic and a propensity for quoting inspirational cat posters. It is mostly mined from conspiracy theory websites and videos on the internet.

"The atomic number for stupidium is 81.5. That puts it is the mysterious WTF category of the periodic elements, right between thallium and lead. Its Abbreviation is STU." Sheila S.
The Flat Earth convention will be fully powered by stupidium this year.
by D. Grey July 21, 2018
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A person who is really annoying you in class
he was being a real stupidium
by 110010011001001 February 13, 2018
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