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i wanted to thank the person for publishing this, shout out to you bruh
thanks for publishing this definition of pure nothing
by BlueStripes March 14, 2019
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this will not be published
this will not be published
by BlueStripes March 18, 2019
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when you get so kinky with another guy, you do some wack things with each other. from role playing, to sticking each other feet into your butt hole, and jerking off his dick with the back of your leg. you can just be in public and grab his dick and ass at the same time licking his ear as you wait in line for food. anything you can think of that will probably hurt and is sexual is the stupid gay.
person one:Oh hahaha James Charles, your the stupid gay in the tub hahaha

James Charles: You wanna put that shampoo bottle up your pee pee hole?
by BlueStripes May 22, 2019
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Something that watches you from the dark side of the room. The thing that comes as your focused on your phone looking at pointless memes. If you look at the corner of the room, you will see it, but once your eyes dilate to the darkness of your cold, but hot room, its gone only to come again when you look away.
I noticed a tall dark figure in the corner of my room. Must be my Meme Demon.
by BlueStripes April 11, 2020
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A meme that was created describing large hippo coming out of the water slowly and staring into the camera. there many different version of this meme from animations to live action videos online.
by BlueStripes March 14, 2019
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When you are in the middle of class, and your phone falls out of you pocket and makes a load noise
person one: Drops phone

person two: Sad day
by BlueStripes March 15, 2019
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it is coming
by BlueStripes March 19, 2019
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