a. in complete bewilderment or astonishment
b. in a state of inertia
very common in Australia
"Like a stunned mullet" "He just stood there like a stunned mullet"
by mullet man 25 April 3, 2008
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When Tamsin learned that DeShonda wasn't moving in on the second date, Tamsin was a stunned mullet.
by The Section on Lesbiatrics December 13, 2008
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A shit found floating in the surf
As Shane was catching a wave he noticed a stunned mullet floating by
by toilet mouth October 31, 2003
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An Australian drinking game that involves heavy drinking, gross indecency and public humilaition.

Often involving horrible dares, Never have i ever statements and most likely too votes.
Bob "Should we play Stunned Mullets?"
Darren " Fuck man, last time i played that i got so fucking sloshed i ended up shaving my hair into a mullet"
by Steven Bradberry October 25, 2020
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