So high on crack or meth, thet you can't think or speak.
That domer got me so high, I wuz stuck. I couldn't say nuttin to dat hottie
by jiz November 15, 2004
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When You Throw A Sticky Grenade At An Enemy In The Popular Video Game Halo2, You Are Required To Yell This Out.
"Come on! Come on! Yes! STUCK!!! N00b!!!!
by TacoBandito April 21, 2006
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Piece of crack with the value of $20.00 you buy for 10 and sell for twenty for a profit of $10.00
You: let me get 100$ worth of stucks
Dealer: here you go bra 10 stucks make u 200$..
by straight dope April 05, 2014
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When someone roasted you and you can't comeback with anything.
"Bruh Sabrina just got called a slut and now she stuck."
by Tha_Savage_King_69 June 30, 2016
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