When everybody says she is looking good and at the same girl knows it is understood.
by Paul Stanley- Kinkor August 8, 2003
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1) "Strutter" is a song by the American hard rock band KISS, released on their self-titled debut album in 1974. The song was released as the third single from their album and failed to chart.

One of the few KISS songs written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley together, as Stanley wrote lyrics to a song Simmons had originally wrote called "Stanley the Parrot". Stanley would show some of his Bob Dylan influences in the lyrics.

A fan favorite over the years, the song has been played at numerous KISS concerts and has appeared on various KISS albums such as Alive! and Smashes, Thrashes & Hits. The band also recorded a new version in 1978 titled "Strutter '78"

The song appears as one of the tracks of classic rock radio K-DST in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and is also a playable song in Guitar Hero II.

2) A "Strutter" is a person that struts. Likes to show him-/herself up. Often a person with attitude.
1) Strutter is the best KISS-song ever!

2) There he comes again. He's such a strutter.
by Zzyxz Rd. September 4, 2006
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she'll let you walk the streets beside her... but when she walks she passes you byyyyyy!!!
by ME June 24, 2004
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The legend of Strutters has been uttered on the lips of men as Gods would, the reverential awe afforded to this mystery has never before, or will ever again, be repeated. Little is known of Strutters, other than you are chosen, selected to attend. It is as much an attitude, a state of mind as it is physical.

It has been said that once entered, a change, an evolution, is set in motion which cannot be reversed. The cries of torment can be heard from within, rumoured to be the purging of weakness, the instillation of strength, a possession.

The weak leave as men.
What the fuck happened to Hugo?

The word on the street is he found Strutters and is not the same man, he is now The Monster.

I don't know what the fuck happened in there, no one does.
by Flapjackandy June 8, 2013
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Noun: A member of the negroid race; Afro-American; one of our dusky-hued brothers or sisters; Wooly-haired type; Boot-lipped mammy-jammer; Jungle-bunny; Picaninny; Mau-Mau; Spear-chucker; Jigga-boo; White Man's Burden; Shine; Darkie; Spade; Coon; Nigger, et cetera.
Anthropologist #1:"What is that coming out of the Welfare Office and getting into that Lincoln Town Car?"
Anthropologist #2:"Why, that would be a Darktown strutter."
by Kieran Le Petomaine November 26, 2006
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Mike Strutter is the most real character ever to be shown on MTV - he simply doesn't give a fuck. He's an american lawyer who loves alchohol, drugs, cigarettes, bar-fights, heavy-metal and has a desire to see people get hurt and most people gets on his nerves. He tags them all as "cocksuckers". He is characterized by having an extremely vulgar language. He shows remembrance of Joe Pesci in his attitude and language. Additionally, he advertises with his Strutter-Gear which is hilarious.
Mike Strutter:
"So under NO circumstances ever tell me, to get my fucking skates on, or I will brake your fucking nose!"

"Fucking useless Cocksuckers!"

"Now have a look at this little pricklicker.. he lands right on his fucking mushkee!"
by LeroyDupree September 22, 2007
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