Rural Northern Irish expression now becoming more main stream. "keep it alight" to keep something going.
"go on big fella keep her lit"
said whilst observing some one,
2.having sex
3.smoking a joint
by tim dodds May 30, 2005
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A Northern Ireland Expression used when referring to excessive speed in a motor vehicle
shoulda seen me hammerin round that field in me tractor, keepin er lit!
by Simo March 01, 2005
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Keep going. Do not stop. Used as encouragement. Often used as a parting cry.

Originated from a story about an IRA ambush on the SAS near Cappagh in Co Tyrone when one IRA volunteer remarked to another who was firing on the SAS vehicle "Keep her lit!" meaning to continue firing.

Has taken on common usage among Irish republicans especially in the north of Ireland and Co Tyrone.

Has recently received national focus due to a campaign by radio host Hectoc O hEochagain on RTE 2fm
One IRA volunteer to another "Keep her lit, them SAS men are still moving"

One departing friend to his mates "I'm off lads, keep her lit!"
by FlameSustainer May 12, 2011
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The finely tuned art of diving into a swimming pool whilst attempting to keep a cigarette lit in a vertical extended arm position above the head
Anyone for a game of keep her lit...? Cigarette New game
by Jdizzledandy January 29, 2016
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