Downing a bottle of beverage, using a bendy straw to allow the liquid to be replaced by air, therefore, not creating a vacuum, meaning the beverage will go down faster.
Strawpedo this bottle of wine!!!
by Andy November 19, 2004
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The act of downing a bottle of drink through the use of a straw. Often followed by physical convultions and sickness.
He strawpedo'd a bottle of blue WKD because he is hard.
by Stuart Baggs October 7, 2006
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Fill a regular drinking straw with fresh made semen, freeze the semen filled straw.

One frozen, remove semen from straw and insert back into the mouth hole of a Penis. Go ahead and jack it back out again
Man, Elsa and I got freaky last night. She made up a frozen strawpedo, put it down my dick and gave me a solid wristy
by Drpenisfingers February 1, 2018
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