A term referring to a sexual act in which the clitoris is twisted or 'nurpled'.
Baby, I wanna strawberry twist you tonight!
by Butt scandal! August 29, 2011
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When a red head does a little twist on your dick
Omg jane, your friend just gave me the best strawberry twist of my life !
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Verb: The act of adding Lemon vodka to hooka with Strawberry Margarita flavored tobacco.

Noun: The mix of Lemon vodka to Strawberry Margarita flavored tobacco.

NOTE: Pop some acid in there for FUN TIMES.
Dude, we just Lemon Strawberry Twisted the shit out of that hooka.

Shit, that Lemon Strawberry Twist LITERALLY made me jizz all over your couch.
by ChazmistaFoShoBro February 3, 2011
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When a girls has her period while you are cuming in her. Thus creating a red, strawberry, vanilla, cum, twist.
Last night when I was fucking Ashley we created a strawberry vanilla twist.
by Papa*Franku January 19, 2017
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