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A combination of strategic and tactical concepts in which a core long-term "strategic" plan is the base, but based on the current environment "tactical" changes can be made to enhance the overall performance. When short-term conditions are negligent things revert back to strategic model
In the current volatile market environment, the best approach to investment would one that is stratactical
by ibremo July 13, 2011
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1. A combination of a strategy and individual tactical moves.
2. A strategy that is not fully baked, or a tactical element that extends beyond itself.
3. Should be a key part in the world of Dilbert.
The Alpha team is working on the development of stratactical to advance their project in a timely manner.
by kmgv May 01, 2009
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The new strategy would work fine if we could double our workforce and implement artificial intelligence in our computer systems. We need a to bring the strategy back to a practical approach, something stratactical.
by zenofile June 23, 2009
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