A weird person who wants to hang out with you before you even know them. Also this is a common term for the type of person who might try to kidnap a child.
Watch out for stranger danger, he's coming up behind you.
by steviec February 28, 2004
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1) a cartoon in the 80s or something that was shown on the t.v in schools to spread awareness to children about the dangers of strangers.

during this short cartoon a child playing in the park is asked by a shifty character if he would like to some puppies. the boy declines and live to tell the tale.

2)often heard shouted by children when any adult approches them due to this caroton.

by electro girl January 21, 2008
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Used when you are creeped out by a strange guy trying to dance on you, talk to you, or are just staring across the room and you can see them the whole time. Yell this phrase when you need help or as a hint to get the hell away we can see you.
"STRANGER DANGER!!! That creep ass wont stop trying to freak dance on me!! STRANGER DANGER!!!
by crystal+alexis+alisha June 20, 2008
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The old man who lurks behind computers convincing teenagers on the internet that he's only 27 and plays guitar. Also used to describe height advantages in prison.
"Man, I wish I had a strangerdanger."

"Mom, a strangerdanger tried to hit on me today :("
by Nis January 13, 2005
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That moment before you realize that the person messaging you is really someone you know but have not spoken with In years
Your old time friend messages you after several years of silence and before you recognize them you experience stranger danger.
by dramithgon September 28, 2014
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When referring to someone with whom you are good friends but haven't seen in a while. Someone who you regularly did hang out with until life situations led you to not see them as much in daily life.
Whoa, long time no see Stranger Danger, how have you been?
by Wookerton May 29, 2010
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Occurs when a male makes his way to the bathroom. The bathroom is empty and this male starts to drain. A stranger walks in and happens to pick the urinal right next to the initial male even though there are plenty of extra ones.
Dro: "yo who was that guy?"
dan: "i dont know, why?"
dro: "the queer pissed next to me"
dan: "stranger danger"
by clearlyvague April 9, 2010
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