1) The abstention from drinking, smoking, all the usual vices, in order to retain purity etc etc etc.

2) A lifestyle choice, followed from the moment one makes the life-changing decision, to the day they die. These followers of straight edge are the ones that command respect or at least acknowledgement for their choice.

3) The latest craze for all the really cool kids who think that by doing it, they transcend coolness itself into a realm that only enlightened ones can reach. They do this all just by painting Xs on their hands and not talking to anyone with un-painted hands.

4) A cool way of denying that you physically can't drink or smoke etc because you're too young.
1) Straight edge. Very noble and respectable when followed properly.

2) "That guy over there? He's straight edge, but he won't shove that fact in your face, 'cause he realises that it's his own choice. He's committed too, so all respect to him!"

3) "That guy over there? He's straight edge... though you can probably already tell that by either the sense of smug self-satisfaction written all over him, or by his thousand little ways of showing you that he's straight edge. He doesn't have a clue!"

4) "That guy over there? He's straight edge. He doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or have sex. He doesn't even masturbate. He's 14... But by god is he straight edge!"
by gratedraindrop February 21, 2007
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You one day wake up to the realisation that the world around you has nothing more to offer, and the only way to achive something is to have a clear mind, a clear life, a target....you are straight edge
no drugs
no promiscuous sex
no alcohol
clear mind
by bambiprophet March 1, 2004
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straight edge (sXe)consists of the 3 X's

X- no recreational drug use (includes caffeine- which is a stimulant drug; some will accept drugs such as codeine or morphine for medicinal purposes)

X- no alcohol (some go as far as no Ny-Quil or Day-Quil because they include alcohol)

X- no casual (it doesn't mean abstinence, it means that you won't have one-night stands, but will wait until you are in a commited relationship to have sex.)

People have associated sXe as gang affiliation, but it is a way of life such as vegetarianism or celebasy. it is a way of life that consists of not poisoning your body with ignorance and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
i am straight edge and for all the people who think it is the "popular" thing to do, you're wrong, and should accept it as a good thing because atleast there will be a few less drug-addicts, alcoholics, or AIDS carriers coming to a town near you!!!!
by Lori January 31, 2004
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A movement that took it's name from the Minor Threat song of the same name. This movement is largely credited to Ian MacKaye (Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Egg Hunt, Fugazi). While he is a founding member of the straight-edge movement he did not magically create a new way of life. There were people who chose to absatain from drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex before the Minor Threat song believe it or not. There is much debate over what the exact definition of a drug is and there is no exact answer. Each practitioner of the straight-edge lifestyle creates their own personalized definition. While straight-edge as a lifestyle (not a movement) was intended to be a positive force it quickly became a dividing force in the underground and violence erupted from it. Not to mention the all-too-common sense of superiority that often (unfortuneately) accompanies this this lifestyle. The 'x' markings on the hands originated as a result of people showing that they willingly chose not to drink. Many people believe that militant straight-edge is called "hardline". This is not true. Hardline is a set of six rules that state in addition to no drugs, alcohol, or sex you also must eat in accordance with a vegan diet, avoid cursing, and not take medicine. Straight-edge is not a movement for people who aren't tough enough for drinking and drugs but for those who have grown frustrated with a lifestyle dominated by those elements.
Charles: "Hey you wanna hit this bowl man?"
Zach (Who is straight-edge): "Really? I respect your way of life do me the same man."
Charles: "Well I thought it was worth a try."
Zach: "Well it wasn't. This isn't a trend to me."
by LAVAXLAMP January 1, 2010
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Straight Edge is a personal choice that is not meant to be a joking matter. It is an oath that someone may make to themselves to not participate in recreational drug use, smoke, consume alcohol, or have promiscious sex. I think a true straight edge does it for themselves and doesn't ridicule others for not believing in the same view of this lifestyle.
waitress at the show: You wanna drink?
Heather: No, I'm straight edge so please don't ask anymore.
by XLiveXNowX July 13, 2004
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A person who does not consume alcohol, do drugs of any kind (even marijuana), smoke cigarettes, etc. They live a lifestyle and have a mentality of pride in their and other's courage not to do these mostly harmful activities.

Typically, kids who chose to be straight edge are associated with the "hardcore scene" and X or XXX symbols. However, many people who chose the straight edge lifestyle do not write X's on their hands and show it off, or any of the annoying crap associated with straight edge.
Me: I'm so glad we're straight edge.
Ethan: Me too, I think drugs and all of that stuff is fucking stupid to do. Getting wasted for a good time is lame.
Me: Yep. But let's not do that annoying XXX shit.
Ethan: Okay, cool.
by J. Archimedes July 19, 2006
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A philosophy begun by Ian McKaye and the Minor Threat boys in the days of yore. Abbreviated sXe. It started out just no drinking, drugs, or smokes, then the philosophy was distorted into including veganism and no casual sex. Still not a terrible thing, until hypocrites in Utah decided "hey, this would make a good gang!" and totally raped the whole idea. Because, you know, it was meant to DECREASE violence and death. Not beat the shit out of the poor faggot caught with a beer in his hand. so...

good example of straight edge: Davey Havok or Justin Sane, basically anyone adhering to the original concept

bad example: Salt Lake City assholes killing hobos with cigarettes in their mouths
sXe used to be cool, then Utah bastards killed it.
by not important March 15, 2005
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