A name given to a personal lifestyle choice in order to make it sound 'cool'. The lifestyle consists of the respectful choices to not do drugs, have casual sex, or drink alcohol. Basically these people choose to respect their own body in every way. Some people that follow this lifestyle may put X's on there hands and a bandana over their nose and mouth in order to try and further make this lifestyle look 'cool'. For some that follow this lifestyle they may think it makes them better then everyone else and will go around letting everyone know they are 'straight edge', what these people don't realize is no one gives a shit. Others who follow this type of lifestyle will only let people know at appropriate times. These people are the respectful ones, but they still sound stupid calling themselves straight edge.
Guy 1: Dude do you want to smoke some, have a drink or find some girls to fuck?

Guy 2: No man I am straight edge.

Guy 1: Oh... alright dude that's fine, that's actually respectful, but I hope you know you sound like a Faggot when you say you are "straight edge".
by Sir Hello August 29, 2011
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Branched off of a song by minor threat. Wasn't purposely created. Straight Edge is not a set of rules, nor a movement. It is an anti-stupidity, anti-obsession, pro-positive, pro-alertness thinking idea.

Some kids took it too far and now it is tagged with a gang or elitist mentality.
by happy go licky June 27, 2003
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(n.) Straiht edge is the term coined by Ian MacKaye (lead singer of the early 80's punk band 'Minor Threat'). To 'have the straight edge' one must hold a great responsibility for his/her actions and most commonly not get involved with casual sex, drinking, smoking, or any other substances (living a drug free life) some straight edgers even go vegan (or become vegetarians) being straight is just more of a philosophy on life; a religion focusing on strength, self-preservation, and self-respect, some may call it.

unfortunately, many people are beginning to see the straight edge as the popular thing to do and is now, more than ever, just a trend
1) Ive got the straight edge!

2) sXe, XXX
by Jon Awesome December 31, 2005
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Neo-ascetism Lite.

Not inherently a bad thing, though it can be said that abstaining from drugs, alcohol and sex does deny many experiences, both good and bad, it is, however, used frequently to grab the moral high ground so that one may look down on those who choose to indulge in such terrible, despicable, and ungodly vices.
See: The Junior Anti-Sex League, circa 1984
Erf... I can't conjure up a good enough example.
by GalenDeepinglen December 9, 2004
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A lifestyle choice in which a person abstains from use of alcohol, drugs, smoking, and in most cases, promiscuous sex. The philosophy being that this lifestyle is more healthy. I have to agree.
Everyone in that punk rock band is straight edge! That must be why they sound so good!
by All Of The Above July 21, 2003
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1. The state of abstaining from illegal drugs, booze, tobacco and premiscous sex (last is up for debate). Started with Minor Threat.

2. A cornerstone of the Hardcore music scene (hXc) where the gang mentality and that smug "I'm Better Than You" attitude dominates a good amount of edgers. A good thing until scenesters fucked it up.
1. Nah, I don't want any. I'm straight edge.

2. Fuck off, I don't poison my body with that shit (sucker punches the guy).
by The Dude February 15, 2005
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Okay, wow. I'm really sick of all the people who are saying people that are sXe are pussies. Okay, no.

Being sXe means following the three X's: no drugs (X), no drinking (X), and no casual sex (X). Basically, being healthy. It's about respecting yourself and being strong enough not to need drugs and alcohol to make life fun. Some sXe people choose to be vegetarian, vegan, etc. but it's not necessary by any means. Others also choose to avoid drugs (medicines), although that kind of negates the whole "being healthy" thing.

Real sXe people will not condemn others for not being sXe. They also won't announce to everyone in the fucking world that they're sXe - it's a personal choice and it should remain private. Some people choose to show that they're sXe by having X's on their hands, and that's fine too. Just another personal choice.

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with religion, cursing or the scene. It may have originated in the punk scene, but it has spread out and away from it - not every sXe person is punk, emo, etc.

Please refrain from being ignorant and keep an open mind.
I'm sXe (straight edge) but I'm an Atheist, I swear and I'm not a fucking punk. What do you think about THAT?
by neurapraxia July 11, 2008
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