A common kind of pipe used for smoking crack cocaine, so named because of its simple cylindrical shape.
Gas stations openly sell straight shooter crack pipes by sticking a paper flower inside and selling them as cheesy souvenirs.
by Chris Meador June 07, 2005
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Defecation which requires minimal effort, goes straight down the pipe, and requires little to no clean up.
You know it's gonna be a good day when you sat on the toilette and had a straight shooter come out.
by UB_maker October 30, 2014
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An earnest-talking, micromanaging, office-jargon aficionado who has no hands-on knowledge of company procedures or logistics
Straightshooters rarely take their duties very seriously, but it's important to them to appear diligent in order to gain acceptance and power within the office hierarchy.
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A professional wrestling term used to describe someone who is legitimately tough or skilled at real fighting.
Karl Gotch was a straight-shooter; if he didn't wanna lay down and do a job, nobody could make him.
by EinsteinHair August 28, 2018
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