when someone goes straight down your Facebook page and likes everything. including wallposts, comments, statuses, etc.

usually it's a close friend of yours, or someone who's bored to death.
Al: I straight liked Amanda's Facebook page like 3 times she's pissed.

Sonia: That's hilarious I always do that to one of my co-workers when I'm bored.
by Tara The Terrible December 31, 2011
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Originally Los Angeles gang slang (THIS DIDNT ORIGINATE IN ATLANTA) ...Can be found in late 80's , Early 90's west coast gang movies/rap/street terminology meaning Real talk , thats what it is .
Prison Scene From The Movie South Central 1991: (Glenn Plumber) youtube/watch?v=LOiFkywEGzc&feature=related

Aryan Brotherhood: What do you think you're doing darkie ?

O.G. Bobby Johnson: This brotha is Hoover Deuce muthafucka "Straight Like That"
by OGTALK August 22, 2012
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a phrase which basically means "real talk" used in Georgia.

can also be used to mean im serious.
it aint gon be no fighting at my party, Straight like that
by pslovemorgan June 13, 2010
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Originally used by college students in the metro Atlanta area, it is a term that constitutes a state of stability, whether it may be financially, mentally, spiritually, etc. It is usually used in a self-reference.

It is commonly used either as a response or a stand-alone statement. When used correctly, the context and usuage of the phrase may drastically change, but the point is still delievered flawlessly.
Guy1- "Man, I need a roommate with a good job who can make the payments, you think you can handle it?"

Guy2- "My friend, money is not an issue, i'm straight like that."


Guy1- "You smoking with us tonight man?"

Guy2- "Nah dude, I'm straight like that."


Guy1- "We have no beer for the party tonight! What are we going to do!"

Guy2- "No worries man, I'm straight like that."
by KiddGraduate July 29, 2009
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A term literally meaning "Phoenix-like" and more loosely as "keeping it real." It is an antonym to "blown lyke shyt." Although disputed among scholars, straight like dat was originally used by Khary Phoenix, a well known go-go enthusiast. lls
Got dat new xib album, shit was on point // straight like dat.
by Da Hanks Bank February 17, 2009
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Someone who likes every single status or comment on some ones page. Leading to over 50 notifications
MELA is a straight like extremest.
by 239Peacock January 13, 2011
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Automatically "liking" every comment on your Facebook status.
I was really excited that John liked my comment on his FB status until I looked at the other comments and realized it was a Straight Like-back.
by Zarathud October 14, 2011
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