When someone likes your photo, and you like theirs back just to be polite or as a thank you.
Crap, Jennifer like my profile picture, now I'll have to like-back hers so I won't seem rude.
by Lyricassa January 24, 2011
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Automatically "liking" every comment on your Facebook status.
I was really excited that John liked my comment on his FB status until I looked at the other comments and realized it was a Straight Like-back.
by Zarathud October 14, 2011
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All over a person phyiscally...Smothering, in one's face...
When we have sex I'm going to be "On-That-Ass-Like-Back-Pockets". If you touch that ball I'm "On-That-Ass-Like-Back-Pockets"
by Tha-Illest January 6, 2011
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The act of going back and Liking someone's non-current photograph on Facebook or Instagram.
"You got an iPhone! Now you can go and back-like my most artistic photographs on Instagram."

"I think Donald has a crush on me...he just back-liked six of my profile pics!!"

"I just added Marsha on Facebook...I'll go and back-like a few of her selfies to make her feel awesome."
by newsvava September 3, 2013
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When you leave on a long trip for like two weeks...or maybe you just took a trip to the bathroom.

Basically whenever you come back or bring something back.

This in reference to Britney Spear's so-called "comeback" thanks to MTV.
Person A: "Yo, check out my bling!!"
Person B: "No one says 'bling' anymore."
Person A: "Shit yo! I'm bringin' that back like Britney!
by Mecca Femme September 13, 2008
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