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A male name originating from medieval Serbia, history records showed that the name was used in 1322 for the first time.
The name Strahinja is spelled as "Страхиња" in cyrilic.
It was made from word "Strah" or "Страх" (transl. Fear).
The name originally belonged to a Serbian nobleman Strahinja Banović.
This name is one of many names from those times that are supposed to scare away the "evil ghosts", and they were usually given to children in which families alot of kids died already.
Other rare variations of this names are: Straha, Strain, Strajin, Straško, etc.
Some person: "This guy, Strahinja, is supposed to be scary huh?"
Other person: "Supposed, yes. Is he scary? No."
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by The Great Fool July 26, 2018
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A guy that thinks he is depressed but he really is not.He loves to play video games,SONIC R IS GOD FOR HIM. Got his heart broken twice and is "depressed" . He has a group of friends called "The Boys" including Lule,Djole,Vojin and Stole oh yeah and Rile it there too i guess... He loves memes and is playing TF2 mostly.He hates Serbian music and Fortnite...
That guy is such a Strahinja-Meaning-That guy is really depressed...
He has Strasko aim-Meaning-He has shit aim
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by Lule45 October 23, 2018
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