A Nigerian slang meaning to date someone casually.
Kemi: I think Nonso bought me undies as an invitation to date.

Mimi: That corper? It's an invitation to straf.
by davecine March 6, 2009
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A Nigerian slang meaning "to have sex with"
Boy 1: i want to straf that girl.
Boy 2: but you don't even know her.
Boy 1: don't worry.i have my ways. I'll give you a detailed report tomorrow.
Boy 2: impossible.how will you do that?
Boy 1: hahaha.easy! When she looks into my eyes the panties will drop by themselves.the rest will be history.
by so-tech February 17, 2014
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To inhale air through one's butt (I.e. Backwards farts)
My friend used to be able to straf on command, then release them whenever he pleased.
by Unoriginal Pseudonym March 24, 2015
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I need to straf 10 percent of my monthly income for bitcoin.
by Moyinjude March 2, 2021
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