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The chillest kid you'll ever meet! He rocks your socks and can never be chirped. Nobody else can ever compare to him because he's so perfect. Nonso is always really attractive and everyone loves him. While he is young, Nonsos are little score-gods, but when they grow up, they turn into sex-gods. Get excited ;)
by haiiiiiii February 27, 2012
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The best friend you could ever ask for. Can sometimes be a cocky bitch but has a big heart and also a big dick. He is an attention seeker and tends to make it all about him. He always needs one best friend who can put him in his place preferably a girl like a Michelle .
Very athletic, handsome, cool, funny, crazy just outta this world. Very annoying but lovable .
When young he is very attractive, fun, and pesty ...but as he grows older he becomes this irresistible sex god that women can't keep their eyes off but still he lives with morals and principles.
He is incredible in bed and just can't help but be flirty. The best at strafing and canting babes
sly dog he is warm hearted and high spirited gives the funniest nicknames and is just the best friend a girl could ask for ; )
1: you like someone who is it
2: he is sortta my best friend
1: I knew it you and Nonso are best friends lol u would make the cutest couple
2: ......
1: you know it's true and I bet u wanna get in bed with him I hear Nonsos are sex gods
2: .....haaaa that would be magical
by sweet cheeks<3 September 04, 2017
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