A word to describe particularly handsome things and/or people. Origin of word: Senor Wooly
Do you see that guy Victor? He is sooo guapo!
by TSB_101 June 23, 2022
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Our big, fat, white cat. Named for the character in the movie "The Three Amigos". Means "Mr. Handsome". If you knew the cat, you'd understand.
Guapo! Stop ripping up that couch!
Guapo! No! No! NOT on the new National Geographic!
by Buck Guapo March 24, 2007
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Guapo means CRUNK. Like some one talkin shit.Some one who wants to fight or is acting bad.Some people use it as Elegant but if your using slang then it is Crunk.
No te pongas Guapo con migo!
Dont get CRUNK with me!
by *$* YOUNG_TEMPERAMENTO *$* August 30, 2006
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A fine type of peach-fuzz that grows on a man or womans face that covers the upperlip on eather side of the nose and on the chin, it is very handsome. A guapo isnt quite a mustache although the owners seem to think so.
look at that girl, why doesnt she shave that guapo
by K Krome July 7, 2005
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Guapo in spanish means handsome. When applied in this sense it is used as a paradox to that definition however. Guapo is usually used by a group of friends as a nickname to the kid in the group who is the fattest and ugliest as a put down. It is basically a form of sarcasm.
"Hey, are you gonna go to that party guys!? If you do, can i come too?"
"Shut the fuck up El Guapo"
by kykyky June 21, 2006
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