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She's amazing and beautiful and funny, and cute. and all of those positive things. her last name is Timpson and she's a little tall. Dark hair and eyes, beautiful straight smile. loves basketball, you won't find anyone more loyal than her.
by daddynut February 22, 2018
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the worst person you will ever meet.
i’m bored, let’s go do something.”
“as long as it’s nothing to do with stonie, i’m down.”
by abstractattempt May 30, 2019
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Someone who smokes weeds but only if another friend has it.
A stonie will not buy weed but will smoke if offered.

They do because they believe if they buy weed they'll smoke it all in a day or too
I'm a stonie. If I bought my own weed it would be gone in a day!
by Marloin June 08, 2019
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