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The state of mind one can reach through the act of smoking marijuana. One can indentify if stoney bologna is reached through the followiinng; uncontrollable giggling/laughing, the inability to form sentences, the need to consume any/all food around you, ect.
"Yo...I'm stoney bologna. Pass the marshmallow mateys."
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1:Blazing so much, acting normal isn't an option. Within a split second, the following runs through your brain; munchies, 420, pigs, captain crunch, bongs, god, all while laughing, only to forget everything you just thought about.

2:A term to describe a funny event/joke about ganja.
1:Shit, these brownies made me stoney bologna. I'm just gonna relax so my brain can function again.

2:Dr. Gonzo:Last night we smoked out my neighbors dog then we gave it some mushies, that night was stoney bologna man.
by master of reality 420 November 21, 2009
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A stage of being so stoned (high) that nothing makes sense and you cant pay attention to anything that is going on at all during this period of time. Eyes are usually super low and bloodshot and one cannot put words together in correct sentences. Also everything seems funny as shit even though it probably isnt
1. Dude im stoney bologna right now sheesh
2. Cmon lets go get stoney bologna!!
by jimbo24getatme July 26, 2011
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To mean well, but nonetheless habitually engage in various lies, inaccuracies, and half truths surrounding simple answers to low stakes questions. All of this behavior is predomintly driven by the primacy of THC in the life of the offender, coupled with this is a punk rock sensibility. In other words, they are totally roasted....
I understand you need a clear itinerary sir, but one thing you need to know is that Ryan is rather the Stoney Bologna, and this means you could have a much more memorable and free experience, since he has no regard for rules and will
Allow your vacation to create itself in real time like becoming it's own beast!
by Blessure grave March 17, 2010
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To stognate, or suspend all notions of short-term memory, while focusing only on the harsh reality of the present.
Kid: "Bro, I forgot my herbs. Spare a bowl?"

Zach: "You are such a Stoney Bologna."
by buzzardblizzard April 13, 2010
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