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a religion in which spread your ass cheeks for stones.

seven sacraments of stoneism:
• being incredibly bootyfilled

• secretly being a beluga whale
• being a meme
• worship the turtle. the turtle is your god, and you shall have no gods above the turtle.
• to become a stoneist, you have to learn to become sexually attracted to stones (e.i. stonesexual ) - "stones are love, stones are life. i spread my ass cheeks for stones"
• you have to recognise that i am batman. the only batman. #brucewayne
• each night you must pray in the name of holy meme trinity - the turtle, the pepe, and the holy doge.
Josh: Stoneism is so cool, bro!

Dani: Pepe Christ! It is!
by bruecwayne April 06, 2016
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The religion of infinity stone hunters like Thanos, who is the god.
A:You know that guy that hunts infinity stones? B:Yeah, what? A:He follows stoneism.
by 69 420 noscoper June 02, 2019
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