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Usually refers to an item that is smashed beyond recognition. Can also refer to run-down automobiles, cars, houses, or other personal effects.
Man, did you see that old Nintendo someone left in that garbage can back there? It's so stomped out it looks like a puzzle.
by Path January 03, 2006
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To be beaten/pushed to the floor and for someone/people to kick you into unconsciousness. (Usually in the head)
Rochelle: Ayo, did you see them niggaz split that poor white boys wig last night?

Shaniqua: Hell yeah girl, he got mu'fukin stomped OUT!
by East-New-York00121 January 07, 2011
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Guy 1: Did you see that fight Tasha and Angela got into?

Guy 2: Hell yeah! Tasha really got stomped out!
by Dominique2 November 24, 2009
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When a person gets floored as a result of losing a fight and their opponent dishonorably and sometimes repeatedly kicks them in the head causing severe brain damage, concussions, a broken jaw and/or death.
"Would the stand your ground law have been a good defense for Edward Norton's character in the movie "American History-X" when he stomped out the nigger who robbed him?"
by Yobetihw July 15, 2012
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