1. somebody who has eaten too much starchy food - spuds, rice, bread, pasta etc - and therefore has become a proper fattie.
2. the best kind of food to eat at stupid o'clock.
1. "Urgh, you're looking really stodgy. I'd try starvation for a good few months if I were you."
2. "I'm starving. Dya wana eat some stodge?"
by Potato Obsessive July 12, 2005
1. south east london pikey word for good.
2. wannabe south east london pikey word for "cool but no one else knows it yet."
1. yeah we went down the park with a bottle of cider and got pissed, it was bare stodgy
2. you'll all be wearing fishermen knit sweaters next year - their stodgy
by alicia t. March 28, 2004
A Synonym for badass; The state or act of being badass.
by xMichaelx February 20, 2008
A a shortened combination of "it's dodgy" but used like using the word dodgy.
"That game has no coop, it's stodgey"

"My mum won't buy me an XBox360!"
"Wow that's stodgy."

"How stodgy is that"
by Its Me Lenny January 1, 2008
Said like stodgy P, he’s your home dog, your boy, but just a lil short and dumpy
Me and stodgy :p are gonna go to Maryland this weekend and eat potatoes with milk
by The Smarty farty 420 January 25, 2022