a shit that stings the fuck out of your ring
"ahh that was a stinger"
by bringoutthegimp June 4, 2004
Stinger is a US made mobile SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missile), which can be carried by military personnel in the battlefield.
They shot down the Mi-24 Hind-D with a single shot of stinger.
by John Smith February 11, 2004
Shoulder fired weapon the fires a high speed rocket. Used for shooting down airplanes, helicopters etc.
The US military has stinger missles, but never needs them because America's enemies don't even get the chance to fly their planes. They are blown up on the ground.
by hooper May 16, 2004
a stinger is used to heat up water in jail usualy made out of a tv cord,microwave,power tool cord cut off or anything that has two wires. they are especially good during lock down when you cant use the microwave.
i was so happy i made a stinger because we are on lock down, now i can make a chi chi and some hot chocolate without the microwave
by springnigga August 22, 2007
When blowing a load on a girl's face you get some in her eye.
She tried to bite my balls off after I gave her a stinger.
by pepper June 30, 2004
A fart that comes out of your butthole really fast and tight, sometimes causing some minor bleeding.
person a: zzipppp...owwwwwwww.....

person b: Dude what tha???

person a: O nothing!?!

person b: Sick!!!!The smell of crap and blood!A stinger right?
by justins money July 11, 2006